Custom webinar

If you choose this training, we’ll tailor the curriculum entirely for you while providing more time and more flexibility than in group settings. We recommend this webinar for those who learn comfortably on their own or hold positions which makes them feel uncomfortable speaking in front of others but who need new expertise and a fresh set of tools nevertheless.

Price: Gross 419,000 HUF / person / 2 sessions (2 hours per session)

Number of sessions: as agreed

Date: as agreed

A quick retake on what PRODUCTFLOW is

It is a set of tools that lets you find hidden queues and explore their economic effects. It helps you with the economic approach within everyday practices with the help of mathematics while assisting you with strategic and tactical insights to your investors with transparency.

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Don’t worry, we’ll adjust to the methods you’ve already built and are operating in your systems in order to achieve maximum results. We are not a business process reengineering team, we help you calculate and see what is hidden.