Sometimes it goes against your instincts.
And yes, this is how it works.

This is PRODUCTFLOW. A toolset for project and portfolio managers that complements their work with economical, financial & mathematical formulas supported by proven agile product development tools. This is what we teach and what we do for our clients.

Do not read further if…

If you’re looking for the all-solution ultimate magic formula in your work. We don’t have it, neither do we have snakeoil. When most of your project decisions are made by listening to instincts and this method keeps proving you right time after time, we can not teach you a thing.

Please DO read further if…

If you need (not just want) your business and tactical decision making to be based on a more conscious, based on mathematics, economically confirmed and measurable way. Then we can teach you a thing or two.

Problems = tasks

Let’s take a look if any of this rings a bell:
It takes a month for upper management to accept a cheap market proposal therefore people wait, which causes cost of delay again. How much is that in EUR?


Developing products comes with such high levels of surprising variability that it makes shipping on time and protecting liquidity a dream.
Slow service performance results in customer dissatisfaction while utilization numbers are closing on 95+%.
Somehow, the queue of ideas, demands and projects keeps growing.


Wouldn’t it be nice to not only accelerate queues but also taking their economic effects into consideration when constantly making strategic and tactical decisions? Not to mention knowing why this keeps happening, how much it costs and could you avoid the pitfalls somehow?

That's why you’re here.


PRODUCTFLOW is a relatively easy-to-understand product and process management toolkit. Its elements are compatible with Agile and Lean frameworks. It’s basically a big bunch of math that allows you to push back intuition driven decision making just a little further.


It allows you to reason based on science and helps you win arguments about the direction of product development and process management.

Since PRODUCTFLOW is not a software, nor is it an application, all you need to have to start working with it is a few Google spreadsheets, Excel or the good old paper & pencil.


The toolkit and real life examples will help you manage all your processes along four crucial points minimizing the need for playing organizational politics. These points are:


You will be able to manage projects using continuously operated, economic-based decision points.


Numbers don’t lie. Where does your system need attention and what are the ideas that seem like good ones but really aren’t, you’ll know earlier than ever.


PRODUCTFLOW tools help you identify trade-off situations and operate decision-making processes.


You will recognize problems before they become obvious after damage is done, the silent problems just as well. You will have time and space to prepare your counter steps.


  • When understaffed, reduce utilization
  • When acceptance is difficult, democratize decision making 
  • Build cross-functional teams in case of general unpredictability
  • The higher the pressure the more one should iterate


We’ll teach you how to implement the PRODUCTFLOW toolkit. Choose a webinar and let’s get to it.

Custom webinar

4*3 hours
Gross 419 000 HUF / person

Next course starts: according to need

This is for you if you prefer to learn on your own. Before and during your training our focus is on you and your needs. Whatever you learn during a session you’ll be able to use at work the very next day. You are free to vary your lessons.

Group webinar

3*3 hours
Gross 222 000 HUF/ person

Next course starts:
unplanned or according to need

If you feel more comfortable in a team while studying or would rather bring your whole team and colleagues to the course, come to this group training with a discount.

We are available for you even after the webinar. Feel free to call us.